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4minics; [ 4minute graphics. ]

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Welcome to 4minics, the graphic community for 4Minute! There's only a few rules, so please follow them. ♥

1) Tag your posts appropriately! It's simple and makes everything easier to find, icon posts: "icons", banners: "banners", wallpapers: "wallpapers", and anything else goes under "other"! But the mods will help, so don't fret.
2) Always link back to the original post! That way people can find your graphics.
3) Make sure you link back to a post that's open for at least 24 hours! It's understandable that you'll lock your posts, but give people a chance to see first.
4) You can use up to four graphics for your preview, given they are no bigger than 400 px in width. If you need help with HTML resizing, PM the mod!
5) Each post must include at least one 4Minute graphic. So 1 out of your 4 previews must contain at least one of the members.

And really, that's it!

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